Megan is a Research Associate within the Diet and Gastrointestinal Health group led by Professor Kevin Whelan at King’s College London. From basic scientist to industry partners, Megan's focus is to build collaborations across disciplines to deliver high impact research outputs.


Key Projects

  • Understanding the mechanisms for the variation in beneficial effects of dietary fibre in irritable bowel syndrome (IBS): old concepts in new light. International multi-centre randomised control trial investigating different dietary fibres in IBS. Funded by the Medical Research Council.
  • SYNbiotics: Easing Renal failure by improving Gut microbiology II (SYNERGY II). Multi-centre randomised control trial investigating pre- and probiotic in Chronic Kidney Disease. Funded by Princess Alexandra Research Foundation. 
  • Prebiotics and the low FODMAP diet in IBS.  Multi-centre randomised control trial investigating prebiotics and the low FODMAP diet in IBS. Industry sponsored.
  • Predicting response to dietary intervention in IBS. Exploratory study investigating predictors of response the nutrition therapy paving the way forward for personalised therapy. 

Key research publications & book chapters